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About Us

Mapsmart Geosolutions is a IT enabled GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry and Geospatial Survey company providing Geospatial (GIS) technology services and solutions. Since starting its operations, Mapsmart Geosolutions are being advanced ahead through the use of cutting edge technology, sound quality processes, innovative solutions and focus on the client satisfaction with a difference. An aggressive customer-proactive, employee-oriented technology-company whose quintessential drive is growth where Mapsmart seeks opportunity, pursues dreams and targets global expansion. Mapsmart addresses the good marketplace based on a solid foundation of technology. We are a growing organization with a passion to make a mark in the Geospatial Industry with a blend of change and defining new paths for ourselves. We achieve great results by bringing the best resources to the table and creating vibrant partnerships with the Client.

Our Services

GIS Mapping

Works on various types of Geospatial data preparation and data conversion services. Our GIS services include Base Map Creation, Parcel Mapping, Layout Designing & Indexing, Navigation Mapping and Digital Data Conversion.

Remote Sensing

Works on satellite image rectification, interpretation, processing and analysis for various projects. Our Remote Sensing services include Rectification/Georeferencing, Seamless Raster data preparation Landuse/Landcover (LULC) Classification, Terrain Mapping and Digital Elevation Modeling.

Digital Cartography and Mapping

Works on CAD drafting and GIS based Digital Cartographic and Thematic mapping. It includes Latitudinal and Longitudinal Cross Section Drafting or representation, Census Mapping, Agricultural Mapping and Urban Mapping.

LiDAR Data Processing Services

Works on LiDAR data processing services on various traits. It includes Feature Classification, Noise Removal, Ground Editing, DEM/DTM Generation, Vectorization, Electrical Network and Hydro-Capture.

Geospatial Education

Works on providing Geospatial Education of Basic and Expert levels from novice to working professionals. Our Geospatial Education Services include Basic and Advanced Training on GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, LiDAR data processing and Web Designing.

Web Development

Works on providing the services on Web Designing with the latest technologies and experts. Our web design services include creation of banners, navigation panels etc. as per the design requirement. We create customized template designs of static, dynamic and responsive websites.

Organizational stands

To become a leading organization for our clients by providing services, cutting edge technologies and strategic management consulting that improve quality and cost effectiveness and harnessing the excellence of Geographical Information System for geospatial work affairs with an approach of intensive professional and R&D works.

To provide best services in GIS-RS-GPS-IT and Geospatial Education areas and solutions with state-of-the-art innovations to achieve qualitative excellence in client satisfaction, quality product and standard geospatial activities.

Mapsmart Geosolutions emerges its activity in the threefold system i.e. Geospatial image processing & analysis, Digital cartographic map processing and analysis, Geographical survey of Geospatial contexts. Our company is now appearing to develop the innovative Geospatial training and researches to leverage the scope of geospatial technologies for the students and professional. It undertakes the projects and the training programmes in those related fields nowadays and now it is serving the private corporate clients for the related fields.

Consultative approach with client; Trustworthy and dependable association with employees; Strong database and Domain Knowledge; Commitment on quality and perfection in each and every assignment undertaken; Delivery Head assigned to each assignment; Highest level of confidentiality maintained at all levels; are our main organizational strengths.


The projects on which the organization dominantly working on are Landuse/Landcover mapping Projects, Extraction of Building Footprint, Cadastral Mapping, Field Survey and POI collection Projects respectively. Besides the organization has a regular activity on Geospatial Educational Projects on various topics.


The Company has now established the Corporate Strategy which is responsible for formulating and promoting group-wise strategies and other matters from the perspective of an investor. At the same time, the Company categorized its functions such as those of the Corporate, Technical Affairs and Education which has the functions in order to support the performance of business operations and innovative ideas by this organization.


From the viewpoint of timely production and superior quality the organization has never compromised with respect to the technology and manpower. It has always access to the most recent and updated those technological assistances conjugated with experts to cope up with the requirement of our valuable clients´┐Ż requirement for the submission of output in an accurate and timely manner.

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Basic Training on GIS, RS & Photogrammetry

  1. GIS - Theory and Practical
  2. Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry -
    Theory and Practical
  3. GPS - Theory
  4. Duration - One Month
  5. Support - Study Materials

Advanced Training on GIS, RS & Photogrammetry

  1. GIS - Theory and Practical
  2. Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry -
    Theory and Practical
  3. GPS - Theory and Instrumentation
  4. Duration - Three Months
  5. Support - Study materials and Data

Basic Training on LiDAR Data Processing

  1. Concept - Theory
  2. Tools and Operations - Practical
  3. Module - ALS
  4. Duration - One Month
  5. Support - Study materials

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